Flintridge Pro K1152

Born in the hills of Kansas, the Flintridge takes its name from the local sharp jagged rocks. Hones to perfection with a smooth centerline tread pattern that is equally at home on pavement and hard pack. The Flintridge shifts from the fast rolling center to the grippy transition and shoulder knobs for control in loose rock and even mud. The KSCT casing does double duty , reinforcing the sidewalls of the tire with a woven shield to prevent slashes and abrasions while optimizing the casing for fast and easy tubeless conversion.
  • A gravel crushing tire to rule them all.
  • KSCT casing for tubeless conversion and sidewall reinforcement.

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  • Dual Tread Compound (DTC)

    The original dual tread rubber compound for Kenda. A hard long lasting and fast rolling rubber (60sA) comprises the center of the tread area, while a softer-tackier should rubber (50sA) completes this binary compound for the versatility of speed and grip off road. Found typically on cross country, all-mountain and cyclocross tires.
  • Kenda SCT (KSCT)

    KENDA SCT is the modification of existing Kenda tire technologies making them now compatible with fluid based tubeless conversion systems.
  • Tubeless Race (TR)

    Tubeless Race
  • Reflective Hot Patch (RHP)

    A reflective hot patch on the tire’s side generates better visibility at night or during conditions where visibility is limited - an important plus for the rider’s safety.

Part No. Compound Color Protection Bead TPI PSI WT (G)
214895 DTC KSCT FOLDING 120 50 515±26
212894 DTC TR FOLDING 120 50 440±22

Part No. Compound Color Protection Bead TPI PSI WT (G)
214897 DTC KSCT FOLDING 120 50 481±20
212896 DTC TR FOLDING 120 50 409±20