Kwicker Pro K932

A great tire when the weather or terrain turn rough. Traction and speed won't be an issue when you are rolling on the Kwicker.
  • Knurled casing for stability and grip
  • Diamond shaped cornering knobs for control, suitable for loose to intermediate terrain
  • Front and Rear application

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  • Dual Tread Compound (DTC)

    The original dual tread rubber compound for Kenda. A hard long lasting and fast rolling rubber (60sA) comprises the center of the tread area, while a softer-tackier should rubber (50sA) completes this binary compound for the versatility of speed and grip off road. Found typically on cross country, all-mountain and cyclocross tires.
  • Hard Pack Dry Terrain (HPDT)

    Best for Hard Pack and Dry Terrain.
  • Light Mud (LM)

    Best for use in light mud.
  • Rough Rocky Terrain (RRT)

    Best for Rough and Rocky Terrain.

Part No. Compound Color Protection Bead TPI PSI WT (LBS)
212450 DTC FOLDING 120 85 347±17

Part No. Compound Color Protection Bead TPI PSI WT (LBS)
212485 DTC FOLDING 120 85 315±26