Valkyrie K1160X

Good is never good enough for you. You expect the highest levels of quality and performance while maintaining practical levels of durability and flat resistance. The Valkyrie is Kenda’s all new high performance road tire - fast, reliable and light. It offers excellent rolling resistance, superior wet and dry grip and a very high level of puncture resistance.
  • World-class rolling resistance - the Valkyrie is our fastest rolling road clincher.
  • Professional level grip.
  • Protected by K-Armor for state of the art puncture protection.
  • Be seen - Reflective hot patch for better nighttime visibility, clincher version only.

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  • R3C (R3C)

    R3C is Kenda´s fastest rubber compound and used exclusively for high end racing tires. With significantly lower rolling resistance and increased wet weather traction, the R3C compound is truly the successor to the R2C rubber. Destined for race day, this isn’t your daily commuter compound.
  • K-Armor (KA)

    K-Armor is a proprietary casing material technology developed by Kenda for superior puncture protection and rolling resistance. The super light-weight material features a tighter weave than traditional puncture breakers while being lighter overall. Additionally, in production its manufacturing characteristics are superior than existing materials resulting in stronger tires. K-Armor also contributes to the incredibly low rolling resistance values found on the Valkyrie Pro road tires.
  • Reflective Hot Patch (RHP)

    A reflective hot patch on the tire’s side generates better visibility at night or during conditions where visibility is limited - an important plus for the rider’s safety.

Part No. Compound Color Protection Bead TPI PSI WT (LBS)
214000 R3C KA TUBULAR 300 150 270±14

Part No. Compound Color Protection Bead TPI PSI WT (LBS)
214001 R3C KA TUBULAR 300 150 250±13

Part No. Compound Color Protection Bead TPI PSI WT (LBS)
214002 R3C KA FOLDING 120 125 182±9

Part No. Compound Color Protection Bead TPI PSI WT (LBS)
214003 R3C KA FOLDING 120 125 178±9