Klondike Skinny (Cross) K1014

The Klondike Skinny was designed for the cyclocross rider who race in the snow and ice, or the rider who commutes on their cross bike. Doubling as a skinny 29'er tire as well, the 100 studs provide the traction you will need in almost any winter environment. Using an updated tread design from out classic Klondike pattern, the Klondike Skinny has a smooth running center line, while knobs scoop and push debris out the sides, and the alternating tungsten carbide tipped studs keep you upright on your bike.
  • Great for use as a winter cyclocross tire or for use with a trekking or commuter bicycle
  • Snow shedding directional tread design
  • Front and Rear application

Want to purchase this tire?

  • Standard Rubber Compound (SRC)

    Standard Rubber Compound combines the best attributes of low rolling resistance, high durability and tread longevity into one universal package that benefits riders from daily commuting to weekend touring.
  • Dry Pavement (DP)

    Best for Dry Pavement.
  • Wet Pavement (WP)

    Best for Wet Pavement.
  • Hard Pack Dry Terrain (HPDT)

    Best for Hard Pack and Dry Terrain.
  • Snow Ice (SI)

    Best for use on Snow and Ice.

Part No. Compound Color Protection Bead TPI PSI WT (G)
2120372 SRC 100 STUDS WIRE 30 85 835±40

Part No. Compound Color Protection Bead TPI PSI WT (G)
2120371 SRC 100 STUDS WIRE 30 85 760±40