2017 Sponsorship

For 2017, Kenda continues to support grassroots cycling efforts through the Rider Support Program (RSP), bringing support to cyclists, triathletes, and teams. At Kenda, we feel that this partnership is very important in furthering the growth of all forms of cycling and the continued growth of bicycling in the US. Our Rider Support program is a direct result of feedback and discussions with athletes and teams like you. The overarching theme of this program is to promote a product that we are extremely proud of while supporting grassroots cycling in all of its forms. We hope that this partnership not only benefits you but helps in the growth and development of our product. 

Click here to download the Rider Support Application. Fill it out and email it to sponsorship@kendausa.com for grassroots level sponsorship, along with any other sponsorship proposal information you have and we will have an answer for you within two weeks.

Kenda Rider Support terms of service:

  • Each team will be given a unique ID number which must be submitted with all orders.
  • All orders must ship to a dedicated team contact address.
  • Sponsored riders and teams must maintain a licensed membership to a nationally organized cycling body (such as USA Cycling, I.M.B.A., etc.) or a local cycling organization (Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado, Michigan Mountain Bike Association, etc.).
  • The Kenda logo must appear in a place of prominence on the team's jerseys. The Kenda logo must be present on the team website and on any team promotions.  Kenda would prefer riders to have Kenda decals on their helmets, though not mandatory. Decals can be provided upon request.
  • All team riders are required to ride, race, and train on Kenda tires.
  • Teams are allowed to place four orders per calendar year; one between the dates of January 1st and March 31st, one between April 1st and June 30th, one between July 1st and September 30th, and one between October 1st and December 31st
  • Each rider is able to purchase three sets of tires (6 tires) per buying period.

Questions regarding the Rider Support Program can be directed towards the following:


Road/City/Cyclocross Bike Marketing Manager


Bicycle Warranty/Customer Service

Please contact via email at sponsorship@kendausa.com.


Mountain Bike & BMX Marketing Manager

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