Gran Mudda K1235

Kenda’s all-new mud tire, the Gran Mudda gets the job done when dirt turns to mud. Tall and spikey knobs bite into the ground and offer super predictable braking and cornering support. Available with the race-ready Advanced Gravity Casing.

  • Tread design - Well supported knobs avoid the squirmy feel of many mud tires while providing confidence inspiring braking power. 
  • Confident cornering - Tall drafts on the shoulder knobs for maximum cornering stiffness.
  • Sturdy casing - AGC casing for racing and heavy duty applications.
  • Tubeless ready

  • AGC (AGC)

    THE MOST ADVANCED GRAVITY SOLUTION The Advanced Gravity Casing (AGC) is Kenda‘s latest innovation for gravity orientated riders. Utilizing strips of Kenda Vector Shield (KVS), a lightweight woven aramid material, positioned under the tread area and along the sidewalls to protect the tire from cuts and punctures. The KVS material offers nearly three times more cut resistance than standard protective materials. A 20 mm apex along the bead prevents pinch flats and burping. Our lightest and strongest gravity casing up to date.
  • RSR Dual Layer (RSRDL)

    Kenda developed a this compound for a new generation of gravity tires - an evolution of the existing Race Stick-E Rubber (RSR) compound. Building on the impressive original, the new RSR compound is a dual layer tread rubber, with the soft RSR compound on top and the stiff SRC on bottom. This new dual layer compound offers better performance because the stiff bottom SRC layer serves as the hard foundation for the softer RSR layer to push against. The result is a compound that provides better control and lasts longer than previous versions.

Part No. Compound Protection Tubeless Ready Bead TPI WT (KG)
08635054 DUAL LAYER AGC YES FOLDING 60 1234±62

Part No. Compound Protection Tubeless Ready Bead TPI WT (KG)
08165367 DUAL LAYER AGC YES FOLDING 60 1140±57