Hellkat K1201

The Hellkat is an gravity and enduro tire, developed with UR Team pro riders. An optimized tread design lets you rip across a wide range of conditions, never letting you down through sharp turns or aggressive braking. Equipped with a gravity, enduro or trail casing, the Hellkat is unimpressed by any sharp object you may encounter on your ride. Don’t be just fast - be fast as hell!
  • The right casing for you - Choose between ATC for trails, AEC for enduro or AGC for a super strong casing and maximum flat protection.
  • The latest compound technology - Dual layer compound for extra grip and control, or dual tread compound for longer tread life.
  • Versatile - Tread design is optimized for a wide range of conditions balancing traction, handling and rolling speed.
  • Tubeless ready – Saves weight and provides a better rolling performance and more controlled handling. Riding tubeless also reduces the chance of flats.

  • AGC (AGC)

    THE MOST ADVANCED GRAVITY SOLUTION The Advanced Gravity Casing (AGC) is Kenda‘s latest innovation for gravity orientated riders. Utilizing strips of Kenda Vector Shield (KVS), a lightweight woven aramid material, positioned under the tread area and along the sidewalls to protect the tire from cuts and punctures. The KVS material offers nearly three times more cut resistance than standard protective materials. A 20 mm apex along the bead prevents pinch flats and burping. Our lightest and strongest gravity casing up to date.
  • AEC (AEC)

    DEVELOPED FOR THE RIGORS OF ENDURO The new Advanced Enduro Casing (AEC) fills the gap between the burly Advanced Gravity Casing (AGC) and the weight-optimized Advanced Trail Casing (ATC). Using the same 3-piece Aramid inserts as the AGC casing, AEC omits the apex at the bead: for the same high level of puncture and cut resistance but without the added weight. A dual layer compound provides the same reliable grip found on the AGC casing.
  • ATC (ATC)

    THE LIGHTER WAY Tire construction optimized for aggressive cross country or trail riding, the Advanced Trail Casing (ATC) is lighter and more supple than either of Kenda's gravity solutions. Using sheets of Kenda's SCT fabric across the tire sidewalls and a sub-tread belt of K-Armor under the tread blocks. The K-Armor fabric has a tighter weave, resulting in the use of less rubber during the construction process, yielding a lighter tire and a casing that is supple enough to allow the knobs to flex and form under load, yet still protects from pinch flats, punctures and cuts.
Part No. Size ETRTO TPI Compound Protection Bead WT (KG)
90018326 29x2.60 66-622 60 DUAL EMC FOLD 1111±56
08199051 29x2.60 66-622 60 DUAL LAYER AGC FOLD 1330±67
08194557 29x2.60 66-622 120 DUAL ATC FOLD 1034±62
90017625 29x2.40 61-622 60 DUAL EMC FOLD 981±49
07785256 29x2.40 61-622 60 DUAL LAYER AGC FOLD 1218±61
07785850 29x2.40 61-622 60 DUAL LAYER AEC FOLD 1075±54
07785355 29x2.40 61-622 120 DUAL ATC FOLD 898±45
90016577 27.5x2.80 71-584 60 DUAL EMC FOLD 1043±52
08189052 27.5x2.80 71-584 60 DUAL LAYER AGC FOLD 1196±60
90019951 27.5x2.60 66-584 60 DUAL EMC FOLD 1072±54
08179350 27.5x2.60 66-584 60 DUAL LAYER AGC FOLD 1240±62
08179343 27.5x2.60 66-584 60 DUAL LAYER AEC FOLD 1106±55
08174559 27.5x2.60 66-584 120 DUAL ATC FOLD 958±48
90017617 27.5x2.40 61-584 60 DUAL EMC FOLD 913±46
074V5548 27.5x2.40 61-584 60 DUAL LAYER AGC WIRE 1125±61
074V4954 27.5x2.40 61-584 60 DUAL LAYER AGC FOLD 1144±57
074V5852 27.5x2.40 61-584 60 DUAL LAYER AEC FOLD 1010±51
074V4855 27.5x2.40 61-584 120 DUAL ATC FOLD 858±43
08129249 26x2.40 60-559 60 DUAL LAYER AGC FOLD 1103±55
08149254 26x2.40 60-559 120 DUAL ATC FOLD 805±40
08159253 24x2.40 60-507 120 DUAL ATC FOLD 768±38