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January 27, 2020 / Athlete News

The boys have been busy this week and have made some serious progress! 

Week 2 progress

While the dump trucks kept loading the last landing, the guys tag teamed to help keep the pile in shape and get to the top of the line to manicure the jumps. It's always amazing to see how fast these guys can work, especially the resurfacing side. The first big hit got all the grass taken off the landing and a fresh reshape on the lip and is looking polished, perfect and ready to go! Clemens got to the step up lip and had that done in no time. The twisty wizard also got a fresh cut and is looking even more twisty than before. The hip lip was the least damaged, but still needed some TLC and it got just that.

After the guys had created a new mountain for a landing on the new last jump, Nico was in charge of shaping and spreading the dirt around. It is massive and no small feat, but he's got his head down and it's already looking amazing! Clemens is on Rocket Launcher duty. Shaping the lip and trying to get it as close to what they had last year. With the help of a new toy to measure the angle and distances they are keeping it at the 60 degrees like it was before, which looks way steeper than it sounds. Making sure there are no kinks in the lips is a job that requires eyes at at least 2 angles, so Sam has been working closely with Clemens to make sure there are no bumps. Hitting an uneven lip at the speeds they are going to, you don't want any surprises, so they are meticulous and make sure it's just right.


Stay tuned for more updates!


Photos: Eric Palmer