George Brannigan places 3rd at Red Bull Hardline

February 27, 2024 / Athlete News

The 2024 season is kicking off with Red Bull Hardline Tasmania where George Brannigan got a wild card invitation to race. As the name states, Hardline has been created to set the bar higher in terms of size of jumps and technical features, making it the most challenging downhill race on the planet. George, one who has never been afraid of the big sends, liked the track from the start and was eager to put the pieces together. He quickly ticked off the features and almost got a full lap on the first day on the bike. This excitement and comfort translated into a 2nd place spot in Thursday's seeding after a heavy storm. On race day, George managed to pull off the best race run of his career, taking the 3rd spot on the podium in front of a very competitive World Cup field, 2.876 second off the win. Congrats, George!