Mission to Ride: Andrew Neethling meets C-Dog

May 18, 2021 / Athlete News

Kenda Mission to Ride - Episode 3

"Mission to Ride" is hosted by Andrew Neethling, and sees him sit down with other Kenda riders to chat about their dreams, their struggles and their goals.

Covid put a hold on Mission to Ride for a while, but we're back! In episode 3, Andrew meets freerider and trail-builder Clemens Kaudela (also known as C-Dog) in South Africa. As Clemens was in town building a new line at Hellsend Dirt Compound, Andrew took the opportunity to hang out with Clemens for a chat, and also showed him around his local trails.

Growing up with no big mountains around, Clemens first started out as a dirt jumper, but quickly became hungry for more. Over the years, he progressed to the point where he is now one of the leading forces behind the freeride super event DarkFEST, building and riding what are some of the biggest mountain bike jumps in the world.

"I like building as much as I like riding. For DarkFEST, the challenge is to build everything so precise that no one gets hurt on the big jumps." - Clemens