Kenda teams up with British rider Olly Wilkins

February 16, 2018 / Athlete News

Kenda welcomes another talented rider to its group of #KendaHeroes: British rider Olly Wilkins will be rolling on Kenda tires now.

Olly’s devotion to bicycles began with cross country in his home county Surrey and later turned to downhill racing. These days, Olly has ditched the pressure of races for a more laid back approach, but that doesn’t mean he is afraid to go big. The Brit is one of the most stylish riders around, and is well known for getting loose and sending his bike over huge jumps.

If you could swear you've seen Olly's face before, but you're not sure where, it might just be his style in Red Bull's "Sound of Speed" series that caught your eye.

Olly will be riding Kenda's newest trail and enduro orientated tires Nevegal 2, Hellkat and Helldiver.