This was DarkFEST / Vote for the Kenda Mind Bender

February 21, 2020 / Athlete News

DarkFEST 2020 is officially in the dust with the event having been one of the biggest and most successful in FEST series history. The world’s best freeride mountain bikers, invited by host and creator Sam Reynolds, took part in a week of next-level riding at the Hellsend Dirt Compound, situated in the Stellenbosch mountains in South Africa. 

DarkFEST has become the stuff of legend - and the global attention and viral videos that have been flooding the internet show that it is in rude health at the start of a new decade. 
Reynolds, who based himself at the DarkFEST compound for 1 month prior to the event with his legendary build crew of Nico Vink and Clemens Kaudela, to ensure the course was built for pure progression, said of the contest:
“I’m so unbelievably happy on how the event has turned out. Every single rider that showed up has done the course justice and we’ve had an incredible week! ”
Kenda is proud to support the whole build crew of Sam, C-Dog and Nico after Vink also joined the Kenda family earlier this month.


DarkFEST delivered the goods and now it's time to pick your favourite out of five mind-bending moments. Who will get your vote?

Sam Reynolds with a seat grab Nico Vink Reynolds flying - the longest jump on the course was nearly 30 meters

Photos: Eric Palmer