July 15, 2019 / Bicycle News

German mountain bike magazine BIKE tested 15 tire combinations for XC and trail in their August issue. Known as the industry benchmark in product testing, a great testresult from BIKE is highly valuable for any brand and product.

The magazine specifically requested a combination of a grippier front tire and a faster-rolling rear tire, both for marathon race and trail/all mountain.

Kenda picked the Regolith TR and Booster SCT for marathon race, and the Hellkat and Nevegal 2 ATC for trail/AM, which were put to the test against a wide field of competitors. The results:

  • SUPER for the Booster and "best rear tire in the test"
  • BIKE TIPP puncture protection for Hellkat and Nevegal 2 - best values in the test
  • The Hellkat was the best front tire in the test
  • Regolith is the only tire that gets 10 points for cornering traction

This result serves as an impressive proof that Kenda's investment in development and the hard work of Kenda engineers is starting to pay off. Kenda products are competitive as never before - and they are not only able to match competitors, but even to excel them. 

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