Electric Mountain Casing

What is EMC?

EMC (E-Mountain Casing) by Kenda is the first tire casing construction on the market developed to meet the specific requirements of e-mountainbikes.

Thanks to a reinforced ply of woven fabric and an additional layer of puncture protection under the tread area, every tire with EMC casing is not only more durable and provides more control and safety than any other MTB tire – it is also lightweight.
All Kenda EMC tires are tubeless ready and ECE R75 certified and therefore officially approved for fast e-mountainbikes (45 km/h).

What is the main benefit?

Due to the increased weight of e-mountainbikes and the high torques of their engines, tires are put under increased stress outside the norm. The stiffer and more durable EMC casing provides more control, better handling characteristics, and better puncture protection than a standard MTB tire.

EMC is available for Havok, Nevegal X and Honey Badger DH.

Havok Pro EMC (27.5x2.8 & 27.5x3.0)

27.5+ tires will be the most popular size used for E-Mountain bikes in the near future. The Havok´s larger air volume increases the contact patch and leads to a better traction, more control and a higher riding comfort. The low profile center blocks (60sA) roll quickly across the trail while the siped transition knobs and shoulder blocks (50sA) give great grip on almost every trail condition.

Honey Badger DH Pro EMC (27.5x2.4)

Honey Badger DH Pro is a well-known and many times awarded Enduro and Downhill tire. The tri-bite knobs running down the center (50sA) ensure fast rolling speed and siped to open up under heavy braking loads. Aggressive side knobs (42sA) claw into the ground and provide endless grip! By adding an EMC version to the Honey Badger line up, gravity orientated E-Mountainbike riders like Kenda athlete Guido Tschugg can now rely on the great original qualities of this tire combined with the additional benefits of EMC.

Nevegal X Pro EMC (27.5x2.35)

Nevegal X Pro EMC is a classic all mountain tire. The center knobs (55sA) provide a low rolling resistance and ensure long tread life whereas the softer shoulder knobs (50sA) ensure plenty of grip and control even on wet and rocky terrain. Touring and all mountain e-bikers will love them.