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    Cross is coming, and with it comes all the questions about tire selection and tire sizing. Our friends at USA Cycling were kind enough to share their WHY, WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN's for cyclocross regulations and how that effects riders and their bikes. The regulations below come directly from the USA Cycling website and can be viewed in the resource section by clicking this link: CROSS FAQ. Cyclocross FAQ We publish eligibility and equipment rules for all of our National Championships on our website on the National Championship Page. Even with this published information, many of our members still call with concerns and questions about what’s legal, universally falling victim to, “someone told me”. So, here’s the 411 for cyclocross equipment: WHY In order to understand the regulations that apply to your event, please appreciate that USA Cycling and the International Cycling Union (UCI) have regulations related to cyclocross racing. Isn’t a bicycle a bicycle? For USA Cycling, the answer is yes, but with a few details. For the UCI, they have a robust set of regulations that, for the most part, are to make sure that what everyone understands as a bicycle, used in competition, still looks enough like a bicycle that 95% of the people in the world would recognize it. For most local events, the requirements are very basic.

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