Konversion Pro K1079

The Konversion features Iron Cap Belt which both allows the tire to be rated as a 100psi tire as well as reducing your chances of a flat tire. Dual Tread Compound (DTC) is also featured to offer traction when you need it in turns or on the straights. We’ve reduced the weight of the tire by using a folding Aramid bead. Used by World Champions, Olympians and National Champions worldwide. All 20“ sizes are available with black, tan, white, red, or blue sidewalls.

  • Dual Tread Compound (DTC) and casing knurling for maximum cornering performance
  • Lightweight casing and folding beads allow for snappy acceleration
  • Front and Rear application

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  • Dual Tread Compound (DTC)

    The original dual tread rubber compound for Kenda. A hard long lasting and fast rolling rubber (60sA) comprises the center of the tread area, while a softer-tackier should rubber (50sA) completes this binary compound for the versatility of speed and grip off road. Found typically on cross country, all-mountain and cyclocross tires.
  • Iron Cap Belt (ICAPB)

    URBAN DEFENSE WHERE IT'S NEEDED MOST Utilizing the same protective material that is in the full Iron Cap protection, found in Endurance 3 tires, but limited to just under the tread surface, offering added puncture protection at minimal cost and weight addition.
  • Dry Pavement (DP)

    Best for Dry Pavement.
  • Hard Pack Dry Terrain (HPDT)

    Best for Hard Pack and Dry Terrain.
Part No. Size ETRTO PSI TPI Compound Protection Bead WT (Grams) Tubeless Ready
212259 24x1.75 47-507 100 120 DUAL NA FOLDING 429±22 NO
212258 24x1.50 40-507 100 120 DUAL NA FOLDING 411±21 NO
212266 20x1-1/8 28-451 100 120 DUAL NA FOLDING 237±12 NO
212257 20x1.95 50-406 100 120 DUAL NA FOLDING 449±23 NO
212256 20x1.75 47-406 100 120 DUAL NA FOLDING 426±21 NO
212255 20x1.50 40-406 100 120 DUAL NA FOLDING 334±17 NO