Alluvium Pro K1226

The Kenda Alluvium Pro is an all-new gravel and adventure tire that is as capable on pavement as it is on hard conditions single track trails.  A tread design optimized for speed, with low profile knobs to aid in reducing rolling resistance, combined with a new single tread rubber compound, the Alluvium offers speed and grip.  The GCT casing wraps the tire from bead to bead with a secondary casing layer acting as a shield against punctures and sidewall slashes.  Tubeless set is made even easier with the GCT casing.

Do endless miles of dirt road call to you?  Are you looking for a boost to your speed in the next gravel grinder?  Or maybe you are planning a cross-country trek and want the quickest and most durable tire possible; look no further than the Alluvium Pro.

  • A gravel crushing tire to rule them all.
  • GCT casing for tubeless conversion, sidewall reinforcement, and sub-tread protection.
  • Reflective Hot Patch on the tire adds visibility in low light situations

Want to purchase this tire?

  • R3C (R3C)

    R3C is Kenda´s fastest rubber compound and used exclusively for high end racing tires. With significantly lower rolling resistance and increased wet weather traction, the R3C compound is truly the successor to the R2C rubber. Destined for race day, this isn’t your daily commuter compound.
  • Kenda GCT (GCT)

    A versatile casing with great all-round puncture and slash protection. Weighing up to 50% lighter than traditional trail puncture breakers, the GCT casing is ideal for gravel cyclists and cyclocross riders. Tires using the GCT casing are all optimized for tubeless use and easy set up.
  • Reflective Hot Patch (RHP)

    A reflective hot patch on the tire’s side generates better visibility at night or during conditions where visibility is limited - an important plus for the rider’s safety.

Part No. Compound Protection Tubeless Ready Bead TPI PSI WT (Grams)
214926 SINGLE GCT YES FOLDING 120 50 558±28

Part No. Compound Protection Tubeless Ready Bead TPI PSI WT (Grams)
214922 SINGLE GCT YES FOLDING 120 50 495±25

Part No. Compound Protection Tubeless Ready Bead TPI PSI WT (Grams)
214920 SINGLE GCT YES FOLDING 120 80 424±21

Part No. Compound Protection Bead TPI PSI WT (Grams)
214924 SINGLE GCT FOLDING 120 60 514±26