Hellkat EMC K1201E

The Hellkat is an gravity and enduro tire, developed with UR Team pro riders. An optimized tread design lets you rip across a wide range of conditions, never letting you down through sharp turns or aggressive braking. Equipped with a gravity, enduro or trail casing, the Hellkat is unimpressed by any sharp object you may encounter on your ride. Don’t be just fast - be fast as hell!

  • ECE-R75 certified for e-bikes up to 50 km/h with EMC casing.
  • The latest compound technology - Dual layer compound for extra grip and control, or dual tread compound for longer tread life.
  • Versatile - Tread design is optimized for a wide range of conditions balancing traction, handling and rolling speed.
  • Tubeless ready – Saves weight and provides a better rolling performance and more controlled handling. Riding tubeless also reduces the chance of flats.

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  • EMC (EMC)

    POWERFUL AND STRONG The E-Mountain Casing (EMC) is the first tire casing on the market specially designed to meet the requirements of e-mountain bikes. Thanks to reinforced sheets of woven fabric across the sidewalls and additional layer of puncture protection under the tread, every tire built with the EMC casing is more durable and provides more control and grip than any other standard MTB standard tire. All tires built using the EMC casing are also certified to the European ECE-R75 regulatory standard and approved for usage on e-bikes with motor assisted speeds up to 50 km/h.
Part No. Size ETRTO PSI TPI Compound Protection Bead WT (Grams) Tubeless Ready
212969 29x2.60 66-622 35 60 DUAL EMC FOLDING 1120±56 YES
212977 29x2.40 61-622 40 60 DUAL EMC FOLDING 957±48 YES
212982 27.5x2.80 71-584 35 60 DUAL EMC FOLDING 1043±52 YES
212983 27.5x2.60 66-584 35 60 DUAL EMC FOLDING 1045±52 YES
212979 27.5x2.40 61-584 40 60 DUAL EMC FOLDING 914±46 YES