Kenda Sign Freeride Athletes Casey Brown & Kaylee Gibb

March 30, 2023 / Athlete News

Casey Brown

Casey Brown, a New Zealand native and Canadian freeride athlete, is known for her versatility on a bike, having competed in downhill, enduro, and freeride events around the world. She is also an advocate for women in action sports and is working to create more opportunities for female riders.

Casey has a long list of cycling accomplishments, including being the first woman to compete alongside men in high-profile freeride events such as Crankworx, Redbull Rampage, and Proving Grounds.

In 2023, Casey is planning to focus on freeride events such as Darkfest, Swatch Nines, and Formation, as well as growing her own freeride event for women, Dark Horse.

Casey Brown trusts Kenda's products and will be using the Pinner Pro for her trail and freeride bikes and the Boosters on her DJ bike. She is excited to work with Kenda's innovative tread patterns and team support and is looking forward to coming out with some
Kenda specific projects and adventures.

"I'm so excited to be working with the people at Kenda, the team is awesome. I've enjoyed trying out the different tread patterns and feeling the difference that can make on my bike and my riding. I’m stoked to come out with some Kenda specific projects and adventures!"

Kaylee Gibb

Kaylee Gibb is a dedicated and passionate athlete who has been making waves in the freeride scene for years. She started riding after a nasty fall on a technical section in Kamloops and has been hooked on the sport ever since.

In 2023, Kaylee is focusing on freeride events and working on new tricks for an upcoming documentary. She trusts Kenda's products to help her push her riding to the next level and has chosen the 2.6 Hellcats for their braking control.

Kaylee Gibb is thrilled to work with Kenda, saying that the company's people understand her style of riding and know the products that will make her riding even better.

"I love that the people behind the scenes know my style of riding and the products that will make my riding even better”.

Kenda Bicycle is proud to support Kaylee Gibb and Casey Brown as they continue to push the boundaries of freeride cycling and inspire women in action sports. Their dedication, passion, and perseverance are an inspiration to cyclists everywhere, and Kenda is thrilled to have them on their elite roster of sponsored athletes.