Kenda Signs Newest XC / Gravel Athletes For 2023 Season

April 28, 2023 / Athlete News

Kenda is thrilled to announce the signing of Gravel / XC athletes Cole Paton, Erin Huck, Adam Roberge and Emma Grant to the Kenda family for the 2023 cycling season.

Cole Paton

Paton will be joining the Kenda family for the 2023 cycling season, and will be competing in the LifeTime Grand Prix, as well as additional endurance MTB and gravel events.

Cole has been racing XCO World Cup and endurance off-road races for years and will be focusing on the LifeTime Grand Prix with some additional endurance MTB and gravel events throughout the 2023 season.

When it comes to tires, Paton shared his plans for the season. "For the MTB races, I'll be using the Rush and the Booster. For gravel, I'll most frequently use the Alluvium and depending on conditions, the Flintridge or the Booster."

Paton also expressed his excitement about working with Kenda. "Kenda is at the forefront of product development, and as an athlete, it's crucial to have our feedback heard and work together with engineers to develop the most competitive tires on the market. As a part of the Kenda fam, I'm confident we are accomplishing that."

Erin Huck

Huck's extensive experience in mountain biking and recent Olympic success make her an excellent addition to the Kenda family.

When asked about her cycling background, Huck shared, "I grew up riding bikes… and it wasn't until I was in my early 30s that I started racing mountain bikes at a serious level. I did my first World Championships in 2012 and since then have been focused on UCI races and pursuing the Olympic dream-which I realized in Tokyo in 2021."

For the 2023 season, Huck will be focusing primarily on endurance MTB events and select gravel events and plans to use the Kenda Rush 2.4 for the majority of her races, with occasional use of the Booster for more technical terrain and Alluviums for gravel training and racing.

Erin expressed her excitement about working with Kenda. "Kenda products have always been one of the top choices for a variety of disciplines and terrain and I have always appreciated how closely Kenda works with their athletes - from providing event support, to seeking and incorporating product feedback, to sharing the successes. In short, quality products and quality people!

Kenda is proud to welcome Erin Huck to their team of sponsored athletes and looks forward to a successful 2023 cycling season together.

Adam Roberge

For the 2023 season, Roberge will be focusing on gravel races throughout the US and when asked about his tire choice, Roberge stated, "Honestly, all the Kenda gravel tires serve a different purpose depending on the condition, so I'll be using all of them."

"The quality and variety of their tires are what drew me to them, but what sets them apart is their openness to feedback from pro riders like myself to constantly improve their tires."

Kenda is proud to welcome Adam Roberge to their team of sponsored athletes and looks forward to a successful 2023 cycling season together.

Emma Grant

Emma's cycling journey began when she was selected for a Talent ID program.  Despite her first race ending in a few teeth being knocked out,  she persevered with a 10-year road cycling journey and went on to achieve top 10 at the Tour of California and the Tour Down Under.  After several setbacks, Emma was ready to leave cycling behind her, however, she has been lured back into the sport through the gravel scene and is excited to seize opportunities in off-road racing in 2023.

Emma will be focusing on the Lifetime Grand Prix, including Unbound and Leadville, this season.  She plans on using Kenda's Alluvium and Booster Pro tires for gravel and the Booster and Rush for MTB events.

Emma is excited to work with Kenda because of the team's expertise and passion for innovation. She looks up to many of Kenda's supported riders and feels honored to be part of the family as she ventures into this off-road discipline.

We are thrilled to have Emma join our team of sponsored athletes and Emma's background in the sport and dedication to pushing her limits align perfectly with Kenda's values, and we are excited to support her as she takes on new challenges in 2023.