Belgian Waffle Ride Debuts in Asheville, NC

August 30, 2021 / Bicycle News

The Belgian Waffle Ride series has been a staple in the gravel scene for a decade now and only continues to grow with the popularity of gravel riding.  This year, BWR brought the racing to the east coast with BWR Asheville also known as "The Hell Of The North"

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Professional and amateur cyclists alike gathered for access to the most coveted roads and off-road sectors around the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The route featured rolling mountain passes, rough and rocky outcroppings, lake views, dense forests, rivers and waterfalls. Riders had to contend with a variety of road surfaces including hard-packed, flat, loose, rocky, uphill and downhill gravel over a 104+ mile route punctuated by 20 off-road sectors and 11,000 feet of climbing that gave the event a challenging profile. 

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With two more rides to go in the BWR series, make sure to stay tuned to for news and updates on BWR Utah on September 25th and BWR Kansas on October 31st.

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