Kenda Partners with Gators Bike Park

January 07, 2022 / Bicycle News

Gators Bike Park has a simple goal, "Getting kids off the couch, away from screens, and into the seat."  While parents know this is easier said than done, the dedication from Rick Armstrong, a physical education teacher at Grandby Elementary School in Worthington, OH, countless volunteers from parents, bike shops, and teachers and sponsorship partners, this grass roots association has grown into a local phenomenon in central Ohio. 

Gators Bike Park is a “Worthington Community Bicycle Playground”, providing a traffic-free space for kids to ride their bikes in the woods. GBP was built as a result of the popularity of after school biking programs at Granby Elementary, along with a vision of rekindling the love of bicycling within our kids of today. 

The park, tucked away in the woods behind Granby Elementary, includes a 1/4 mile single track skills loop and flow trail with several obstacles including wood banked berms, skinny logs, bridges, log overs and rock gardens and soon the expansion of the park will include a modular pump track.

"Strong spokes support the wheel"

This local support from all directions exemplifies the team's motto, "Strong Spokes Support The Wheel" and it takes many "spokes" to keep this ambitious project going.  This past summer Kenda Tires became the title sponsor of the park, helping to continue the efforts of all those involved as well as support the ongoing expansion of the program.

Check out the story below by NBC Daytime Columbus as they spotlight Coach Armstrong and the park.  Donations can also be made via the Columbus Foundation and information regarding the park and the Gators race team can be found at their site