The all new Hellkat & Helldiver

April 21, 2017 / Bicycle News

Fast as hell - that is how to describe the new Hellkat and Helldiver. Kenda's new gravity tires have been designed completely from scratch: new innovative casing, evolved compound, newly designed tread pattern. Engineering know-how and the experience of world class athletes come together to form a premium product and a truly World Cup caliber.



An all-new, all condition gravity and DH tire. Developed with Polygon-UR Team, the Hellkat is truly a World Cup caliber tire. Superior braking control and cornering traction define this tire's strong points. Using the new Advanced Gravity casing, the Hellkat offers a maximum of puncture and cut protection without packing on the weight. Ideal for gravity orientated riders looking for a tire with great grip and puncture protection that is at the same time light rolling and will keep you up and going over a wide variety of terrain.


A fast and lightweight gravity tire that was developed with Polygon-UR Team pros for DH and Enduro usage. Through the new RSR dual layer compound and low profile, siped tread design, the Helldiver shines with a perfect balance of traction and rolling resistance. Whenever you take your bike out on super dry, dusty, fast hard pack tracks, the Helldiver is your best choice. All the traction and grip you need for less rolling resistance and less weight.

Kenda Vector Shield (KVS)

Developed in joint cooperation between Kenda’s North American and Taiwanese engineering teams at the Kenda America Technology Center. The KVS is a woven sheet of aramid fibers laid up across the sidewall of a tire which offers a light-weight casing shield with 285% higher cut resistance than standard protective materials. This allows for a reduction in the casing weight by up to 200 grams when compared to traditional 2-ply downhill casings.

Benefits: Because of the addition of the Kenda Vector Shield, the casing now offers superior cut resistance, while being stiffer and lighter at the same time. As a result, you can ride with a lower tire pressure, which increases the tread grip without risking a flat tire.  Additionally, the KVS material makes the sidewall stiffer ensuring better feedback for the rider and improved predictability in handling.

Iron Cloak Belt (ICB)

A thin strip of advanced lightweight puncture protection; serving as a tread breaker made from one of Kenda’s best puncture resistant materials. Iron Cloak Belt, is built in directly underneath the tread rubber only, for protection and minimal weight. Iron Cloak Belt lets you rest assured that your tires are durable, but light and super supple for the ultimate in riding performance.

Benefits: Puncture resistant, flexible, and light. Reduces penetration in the tread surface from foreign objects, punctures from rocks and other debris, and reducing the chance of casing fractures. As a result of the inclusion of ICB and lower tire pressures the tread can more easily conforms to the trail surface to provide better grip and low rolling resistance.  The center knobs in the tread area, directly above the ICB, are more flexible and provide a better grip and fast rolling.

RSR Dual Layer Compound (RSR)

The RSR Dual Layer compound is optimized for the new tread design - an evolution of the existing Race Stick-E Rubber (RSR) compound. Building on the impressive original, the new RSR compound is a dual layer tread rubber, with the soft RSR compound on top and the stiff SRC on bottom. This new dual layer compound offers better performance as the stiff bottom SRC layer serves as the hard foundation for the softer RSR layer to push against. The result is a compound that provides better control and lasts longer than previous versions.