Neko Mulally winning Stars and Bars at USA MTB National Championships

August 08, 2019 / Bicycle News

"The new DH tire was perfect for the long, dusty, and pedally course." "It's a new high speed tire which excels in the loose-over-hardpack terrain" -Neko Mulally

In a Pro DH race every millisecond counts, so tire development is of the utmost importance for our athletes and customers. In order to take the win, we are developing a tire that delivers on traction, speed, and survivability. Neko and the Intense Factory Racing Team are helping us to develop KENDA's newest prototype DH tire.  The soon to be released DH tire was the perfect fit for the challenging Winterpark DH course. Performance was flawless and fast over the long and dry conditions of Colorado high mountain terrain.

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