Ride with Confidence

April 18, 2024 / Bicycle News

Kenda's gravel line-up for every spring adventure.

As spring ushers in a new season of adventure, there's no better time to hit the gravel trails with confidence, thanks to Kenda's lineup of premium gravel tires. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting, our tires are designed to elevate your cycling experience and keep you rolling smoothly through all the twists and turns of your journey.

First up on our tire line-up is the 4titude, featuring a file tread design that ensures low rolling resistance on hard-packed surfaces. This tire provides the perfect balance of efficiency and performance, making it ideal for both leisurely rides and challenging trails. With the 4titude, you'll feel confident tackling any terrain that comes your way.

For those seeking a tire that can handle more demanding conditions, look no further than the Kenda Alluvium. Designed with a fast-rolling tread and aggressive knobs, the Alluvium offers exceptional grip and control on loose gravel and dirt. Whether you're climbing steep hills or navigating technical descents, the Alluvium delivers the traction you need to ride with confidence.

Take on the toughest trails with the Kenda Flintridge. From sharp rocks to muddy paths, the Flintridge provides the performance you need to push your limits and conquer new challenges. With the Flintridge beneath you, you can ride with the confidence that comes from knowing your tires can handle anything.

For the ultimate in performance and versatility, look no further than the Kenda Booster. With its large volume casing and aggressive tread pattern, the Booster rolls over obstacles with ease, giving you the confidence to tackle even the most technical terrain. Whether you're racing down steep descents or navigating tricky corners, the Booster provides the grip and control you need to ride with confidence and precision.

This spring, trust Kenda to have all your gravel tire needs covered. Our tires are designed to give you the confidence to explore new trails, push your limits, and make the most of every ride. So, saddle up, hit the trails, and experience the thrill of riding with Kenda.